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Martin 'Smiley' Brown

I'm known to everyone as Smiley. Many of the kids think it's my real name!


I've been racing BMX for the past 14 years (if 2020 counts!) and achieved 2nd at the British Championships and 3rd in the National BMX Series in 2019. 

The level of riders I coach range from novice from approx age 5 up to World class level! 


I'm well known for going big with the jumps, so the kids always love the jumping part of my sessions. However, we do cover and perfect a lot of the basics which are often neglected including, pumping, manualling, pick-ups, gate technique, general riding and race skills.


I hold a Level 2 Coaching Cycling certification and Level 2 BMX Coach award. I'm a member of CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity) as a Coach Practitioner and hold public liability insurance with UK Coaching.

Smiley's Flight Club is an affiliated British Cycling Club based in the Midlands of which anyone is welcome to join.

You can also order a Smiley's Flight Club jersey here.

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