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Elite BMX Team

After a very successful 2022 season the team finished 2nd in the national series.

This has now moved us up to being an Elite team after only 1 year!

Below is the 2023 team. Some of you may notice a few new riders!

Meet The Team


Martin 'Smiley' Brown

Team owner/coach.

Always happy and bubbly and willing to help everyone! 2022 British and National Champion after not losing a single cruiser race.

Well known for having wings and being able to fly! 

'Fastlane' Harry

Harry certainly lives up to his nickname! With a very successful 2022, Harry is ranked 8th in the world! Not only that but British #4 National #5.

Away from BMX Harry enjoys drawing, and riding any type of bike. Trials, park, cyclocross....

Sophie 'Sloth' Bailey

Sloth is an understatement! Her perfect day is a pj lazy day infront of the tv!

Sophie got into riding during lockdown at the local pump track.

She HATES getting her kit on but loves riding her bike! Last year was Sophie's first Brits. She only went and finished 2nd and recently finished 3rd at the Zolder European race.


Tomos Doran

Tomos is racing in Male 14 and currently in year 9 at school. From a young age he loved riding his bike but only discovered the BMX track in Rhyl in 2016. His first race was a Manchester regional in 2017, in the 7-8 novice class he got last in every race. 2022 Tomos finished 4th in 13-14 cruiser in the nationals and 4th place at the Brits, on his “20” he raced Male 14s and had the goal of a semi final, with a storming semi final he came away with a 7th place overall. In his spare time he loves doing art and puts in a lot of training for BMX including track, gym and sprints


Jack Griggs

Jack is 8 years old and in year 3 at primary school. He learnt to ride his bike at 4 years old and rode on his first BMX track through lockdown at the age of 5.

In his first year of racing he entered the British Championships in Leicester, he finished 6th in the 6 & under A final. 

He may be small but he has the drive and determination to never give up. If he isn’t on a BMX track you will normally find him in the garden on his park bike with a set of jumps.

Charliebob Craig

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Noah Buttery

Noah is 12 years old from Kidsgrove, Stoke-On-Trent. Noah began his BMX life back in the summer of 2022 at his local pumptrack. 23 d August 22, Noah had his 1st coaching session with Smiley, 14th September he entered his 1st club race and not looked back since. Noah entered straight into regional experts and made the A final in his 1st regional race and won his first regional race by rd 3. 

Off the track Noah loves to play Xbox with friends and spending time practicing working on his own training plans.

Noah’s biggest hate is not being able to ride.


Ryan Jones

Ryan is 33 years old, going on 13. Ryan has spent many years on 2 wheels, racing motocross, and ultimately, getting injured every time he sat behind the bike. His most recent crash resulted in, not 1, but 2 broken wrists (yes, at the same time.) After a year off, and keen to get back behind the start gate and survive and entire race season, Ryan decided to take up BMX, competing in masters and 30-39 cruiser. With a BMX career more promising than his motocross one. Ryan competed in the Brits and finished with 12th.

Sophie Kynaston

Sophie is 14 years old and is in Year 9 at school. Sophie has always been full of energy and can often be found on a trampoline, bike or scooter.  Sophie started racing at aged 10 after being inspired by her cousin who raced at a National level. 

Sophie loves being active and represents her school in many sports. 

Her best result to date is making A finals in the National Series and coming 11th over all in 2022 as well as representing team GB at the World Championships in France 2022. 

Sophie’s biggest hate is hoovering the campervan out in preparation for a race weekend away.   


Zac Jones

Zac is 8 years old, currently in year 4. Zac was on a balance bike before he could walk, and learnt to ride a bike unassisted at age 2 - yes, age 2! He began his racing career last year, after bumping into Smiley at a BMX track, a few years previous and the rest is history. When Zac is not racing his BMX, he can be found racing his motorbike, on his scooter and park bike, playing football or channeling his creativity through his Lego. His best result to date is 13th in the north region series. For 2023, Zac will continue to race in 9s doing nationals and regionals. Zac loves to read, and spend time with his older brother and sister, and his dog, Lenny.

Kasperi Reynolds

Kasperi is 13 years old, and in year 8 in school. He followed his brother to a BMX track at 3 and jumped on himself a year later.

He is usually to be found in the team gazebo with food in his hand or looking for food, all the while talking non-stop with Will if they are not jumping bikes off anything that resembles a ramp!!

Kasperi also races in the national MTB 4x series and finished 4th in the 13-14 age group last year, as well as riding freestyle park BMX.

Off bikes, Kasperi plays volleyball for Telford VC. Next season he will play for the junior team in West Mids Div. 3, and will also play U16 National League.

JLB "Ropey"

Jensen is 15 years old and races 2 bikes at regionals and nationals.

After a free go at Tiverton club in 2018

Jensen rides for Torbay BMX club.

His favourite rider is Eddie Moore.

Jensen got his nickname "Ropey" for swimming into the ropes and got disqualified during 3 out of four races at the Devon schools swimming   championships.


Favourite things: trains & farming 

Best performance: 8th at the brits 2022 in Bournemouth


Ethan Buttery

Ethan is 10 years old from Kidsgrove Stoke-On-Trent. 

Ethan loves to ride his bike and have fun with his team mates. He started to ride BMX in the winter of 2022 where he would regularly come to watch his brother train and eventually join the sessions by Christmas.. In 2023 he entered his first regional races and claimed victory at rounds 1 and 2 in a 11-12 novice race. By round 3 he moved up to expert where he works hard to progress always with a smile and never give up attitude.

Away from racing Ethan plays football for his local team and loves to cook. Secretly he loves to beat box when he thinks nobody is listening .


Alex Mackie

Alex is 13 years old.  Santa brought his first balance bike at the age of 2 ½ and he's been on wheels since. He rode/raced a Motocross bike from 3 until he found BMX racing at the beginning of 2017.

Alex enjoys playing rugby in school and watching Wales. He is really enjoying learning French.

Alex's favourite track is Birmingham.  His best results are 17th in the North Region Champs last year and 49th in the National Series.

This year he is hoping to push on and get top 30 in the nationals and push to the Semis at the Brits!

Markku Reynolds

Markku is 15 years old, and in year 10 in school. He went to a BMX track for the first time at 6 and couldn't be taken off!  He taught himself to manual before he was 7, and has not stopped since!

Markku also rides freestyle park BMX, as well as racing in the national MTB 4x series.

Off bikes, Markku plays volleyball for Telford's senior team in West Mids Div. 1, and will play both U16 and U18 National League next season.

Even in the early days of Smiley's Flight Club, he always said that "training should be hard", sometimes wishing he hadn't let Smiley know that!!


Harley Beckett

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Kurt Sveikutis

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Clayton Leat

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Oliver Arnold

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Peyton Collier

Peyton is 13 years old. She learnt to ride a bike at 5 and it took her less than a day! She has been racing BMX for just over 5 years now in which she rode all over the UK in national and regional series! Her proudest moments was racing at the world championships in Nantes in 2022! She has made many friends and memories doing the sport she loves! Her other favourite things to do are football, rugby and swimming! She has been having sessions with Flight Club since she started.

Paul Bailey

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Hannah Mackie

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Will Chaplin

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